Co$ vs. CAN -- Litigation History

"The purpose of a lawsuit is to harass and discourage rather than to win... Don't ever defend. Always attack. Find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace. Originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person's repute and to discredit them so thoroughly that they will be ostracized.

"The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease... If possible, of course, ruin him utterly."

-- from "A Manual on the Dissemination of Material" (1955)

L. Ron Hubbard

Cases in Alphabetical Order

Plaintiff        Defendants        Jurisdiction           Disposition
=========        ==========        ============           ===========

Bagley CAN U.S./North dismissed 92 C 1688 Kisser Dist. IL Barton CAN Circuit Court judgement granted 93 L 3739 Kisser Cook County, IL for CAN Bashaw CAN IL Dept. open 93 PA 006 Kisser Human Rights investigation Bashaw CAN Circuit Ct. dismissed Lewis & Miller Kisser Cook County, IL lack of 92 CH 7194 Chancery Division jurisdiction Battershall CAN PA Human Rights dismissed P-3781 (Pittsburgh) Com. Beardmore CAN Superior Court dismissed ECO 11499 Kisser CA/LA County does 1-100 Beaubien CAN CA Appellate vol. dismissed Dries,Gum, Kisser Court after TRO issued Neilson Coates /2nd District for plaintiffs Ross, Such to attend 1992 Van Breemen, conference Woodward EC 010164 Benedetti, CAN/IL. U.S./North judgement granted Schram, Ward, Olander District IL for CAN Melberg (consolidated) 92C6722,24,25,26 CAN Affiliate/ CAN Superior Court dismissed motion San Francisco Ryan, Rehling, CA/Sacramento for judgement on (see note) Andron, County pleadings Dreihaus, sustained. Svoboda, Andres, Alev, Markowitz, Martin, Cazares, Slavin does 1-500 CAN Portland CAN dismissed with 92-6030-DT Kisser, Coates, prejudice Slavin, Andres, Ramada Hotel does 1-100 Casselman same as above, Superior Court dismissed with ECO 10722 less Ramada Hotel CA/LA County prejudice 5/94 Castagna CAN U.S./Dist. MA voluntarily 92-10853-Y Kisser dismissed CAN/Boston Sullivan, T. Orange County CAN Superior Court dismissed SC 026377 Plevin LA County does 1-100 Churchel CAN/LA Superior Court dismissed with EC0 10685 Coates CA/LA County prejudice 5/94 Clegg CAN U.S./Cent. dismissed on CV 92-3030-AWT Kisser, Coates Dist. CA 12b, plaintiffs CAN/LA appeal denied by does 1-100 federal appeals court. 18 Fed. 3rd. 742 (9th Circuit, 1994) Clegg as above Superior Court dismissed with BC 060346 CA/LA County prejudice 5/94 Cowenhoven CAN/Boston see Ledoux voluntarily 92-12404-Y Sullivan, A. withdrawn Dimartino see Battershall see Battershall dismissed p-3780 Dickerson CAN Circuit Court dismissed 91-416004-NZ Kisser et al Washtenaw City, MI Emery Wilson CAN Superior Court dismissed (Sterling) Kisser CA/LA County on summary BC 043028 judgement Garrison see Ledoux see Ledoux voluntarily 92-12403-Y dismissed Gonzales CAN Superior Court dismissed with 1 92 981 CAN/LA CA/LA County prejudice 5/94 Kisser, Coates Does 1-100 Haggerty Free Minds MN/County dismissed 93-11162 Doug Agustin of Hennepin Hammerling CAN/NY-NJ NY Supreme Court open 29557/92 Engel County of NY Harness see Gonzales Superior Court voluntarily EC 00935/cord CA/LA County dismissed #2819 Harte CAN/LA Superior Court dismissed with ECO10684 Coates CA/LA County prejudice 5/94 Hart CAN Superior Court dismissed with BC 043303 CAN/LA CA/LA County prejudice Kisser re denial of 5/94 12 Cal. Coates preliminary inj., App 14th does 1-100 petition to Cal. Supreme Court denied Hawkins CAN Superior Court dismissed with H 164726-0 CAN/No. Cal. CA, Santa Clara prejudice 5/94 Klinger County does 1-100 Hildenberger CAN/DC U.S. District dismissed, lack 92-2242 Court/DC of jurisdiction Jones CAN/DC U.S. District dismissed Court/DC Kerner CAN/DC U.S. District dismissed, lack 92-2239 Court/DC of jurisdiction Ledoux CAN/Boston U.S./District of MA voluntarily 92-12402-Y Sullivan, T. dismissed Lippman CAN/CA Superior Court stayed by ECO 10992 Coates, Hannish CA/LA County bankruptcy Andres against CAN settled w/ individual defendants Mantis CAN/DC U.S. District dismissed 92-2240 Court/DC McCalley CAN/LA Superior Court dismissed with ECO 10686 Coates CA/LA County prejudice 5/94 Meizis CAN/IL IL Department investigation 92 CP 3517 Human Rights open Miller CAN IL Department investigation 93 CP 435 Kisser Human Rights open Newman CAN U.S. District dismissed with 92-0973 Kisser Court/DC prejudice; CAN/D.C. counter claim Arkin for attorney’s fees pending Nordquist Zilliox Circuit Court voluntarily 92 L 1447 CAN Cook County, IL dismissed Kisser, Zerwin Law Division Krone, Alev O’Malley CAN MN/Hennepin TRO to attend Haglund County 1993 conference, Hornness denied. 93-18980 voluntarily dismissed 11/12/93 O’Mealy CAN Superior Court voluntarily EC1 1472 CA/LA County dismissed Scott CAN U.S. /Western judgement L94-0079 Ross, Workman District Washington against CAN, Simpson, Rotroff on appeal Seidler CAN see Meizis investigation 92 CP 3454 open Shaw CAN Superior Court voluntarily EC0 11498 Kisser CA/LA County dismissed does 1-100 Slesar CAN U.S. District Court dismissed, lack CV 93-1276/MRP Kisser CA/Central Div. of jurisdiction Trammell CAN Superior Court dismissed with 719 213 CAN/No. Cal CA/County of prejudice 5/94 Kisser, Klinger Santa Clara Waters CAN/NY-NJ NY Supreme Court dismissed 29556/92 Engel County of NY Wessling CAN U.S. District Court voluntarily 93 1277 dismissed; lack of jurisdiction Wisel CAN U.S./North dismissed; on C 92 0911/SAW CAN/No. Cal District, CA appeal Kisser, Klinger Woodard, Gum CAN Superior Court TRO denied for Neilson, Kisser, Coates CA/LA County 1993 conference; Schwalbe Slavin, Andres N. Cent. Dist. voluntarily Barton does 1-100 Burbank dismissed EC1 3464 Workman CAN/NY-NJ NY Supreme Court open 29558/92 Engel County of NY Notes ===== 1. CAN Affiliate/San Francisco was group of Scientologists suing to gain affiliate status in an attempt to gain control of CAN National. --
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