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As an example, I've set up a Cast Iron Cooking wiki page here with a mirror of my Twitter feed.
"The final proof of all that being that one of my colleagues had to sit a computer exam, and was wracking his brains trying to think of an appropriate god-form to invoke upon himself to concentrate his mind on programming. Mercury? Hermes? And then he hit on it - the most powerful mythic figure that he knew could deal with computers was Mr. Spock! So he proceeded to invoke Mr. Spock, by learning all he could about Spock and going round saying "I never will understand humans" until he was thoroughly Spock-ified. And he got an 'A', so there!"
This explains why there are a lot of Lovecraftian references in Chaos writings. It also explains how "Simon," the author of the so-called "Simon Necronomicon" seen in many bookstores (and not just the New Agey ones) designed the sigils used in the rituals described in those books. If I understand this correctly, it's an explanation of the Chaos idea that "belief is a tool." Based on this, you could take the most blatantly fake idea around, apply a Chaos theme to it, and come up with something that could be called "Chaos magic." So, could I do a sigil based on My Little Pony and work it into my cooking?!? If these guys are to be believed, yes I could. And what would I get from it? In no way would I expect something outrageous like summoning Great Cthulhu from R'lyeh, or even his cute kawaii chibi version that's become quite popular on its own. No, the only thing I hope to get from this is a way to meditate and make myself feel better…which is what I want to accomplish when I cook.