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A year ago…heck, even two months ago…if you told me I would be casting my first genuine "magic spell," I would have laughed in your face. But I can't deny that if you define it as "magic," that's what I did last night. I designed and drew a sigil, and kept it with me as I was cooking last night. Then, after I was finished eating, I destroyed the sigil by burning it in a covered cast iron pan. I didn't have to do that, actually; I was intentionally being flashy and dramatic by doing so. :) I'm reiterating the statement here that magical "energy" does not exist, and what I hope to do is put this image into my subconscious (if such a thing actually exists) as an expression of a statement of intent. Since no one would understand the meaning of this sigil except myself, it can't possibly have any effect on the outside world, or on anything other than myself. Right?

Though, as I was designing the sigil at work yesterday, something unusual happened. About one hour after I'd settled on a design for the sigil, a call came in from one of our customers in regards to a running problem they've been having, one that I've had to deal with while on the pager. (And I'm scheduled to be on call with the pager today.) The call was actually related to the subject matter I'd worked into the sigil. Since this is supposed to be an expression of intent into the subconscious, I suppose I can't state outright what it's about. But no, it has nothing to do with sex. :)

And as any skeptic will point out, this highlights the dangers of magical thinking. Human beings tend to make associations and connections in their psyche that don't actually exist; this is the basis of many conspiracy theories. Because of the call I received at work shortly after designing the sigil, the skeptical part of my mind is shouting, "Coincidence!" On the other hand, the romantic side is wondering, however quietly, "Is it the sigil?" Of course, I can never have a definitive answer to this, because I had designed a very modest statement of intent into it…one that could very likely be achieved simply through everyday circumstance. (No, I didn't cast a spell to win the lottery.) If nothing else, this experience is a very good demonstration of why mystical thinking continues to exist, even in these modern days of high technology. As long as "The Unknown" exists, even something as esoteric and vague as the question "why am I here?", people will be able to refer to it as "magic." This is an aspect of human nature that will always be with us.

But rather than dwell on this subject, I'm just going to relax and enjoy a day at home in some wonderful sunny fall weather. Later today I'll be cooking some lemon pepper chicken in my Griswold skillet with a new cast iron lid. Cooking is fun, and from this fun comes magic.

Later the same day: Much to be done, much to learn, much to practice. I am a complete beginner at this. It's best to start at the beginning, of course. So, I have to set up a regular routine of meditation practice.