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I concentrated on the sigil as I cooked supper. I don't know if the sigil helped (you can't tell what is magic and what isn't), but it was an exercise to keep the image in my mind as I made sure the meat was properly cooked. This was a first step towards what I hope will be a way of making magic with cooking.
And the result was…success! I managed to take it out at just the right moment! The vegetables were thoroughly cooked, with that blackened-but-not-burned taste. And the wild boar sausage had the consistency of steak tips. What's more, they were DELICIOUS! It was a stronger pork taste than you'd usually get from a sausage, which made me glad I had decided not to add any additional sauces to the stir fry. The initial seasoning of the meat was enough. The flavor of this food was standing out. Because wild boar sausage is a rarity, I'm glad I took the time to specially prepare – and now, I'm glad I took the risk of cooking it the way I did. This is good eats!