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On the plus side, I can recall at least one instance where I saw a flash of an image in my mind's eye – a split-second image of a glowing TV screen. There was nothing on the screen, it was blank, white, and glowing. Considering that I was meditating in a dark room and had been so for a good fifteen minutes or so when that image occurred, I know that wasn't an afterimage from my PC screen; it was something that had been created in my mind's eye. So far, these images have been occurring only fleetingly, and they seem to be largely random. I presume they're generated in my mind in the same manner that happens when I dream. If it means I'm drifting to sleep and these are actually dreams I'm seeing, then I still consider this a success. I've told everyone I know, repeatedly, that I simply cannot remember my dreams. There have been perhaps four or five instances in my entire life where I remember my dreams for more than a few seconds after I wake up…and that includes the time, about a year ago, when I experienced sex magick. So, if this meditation is actually causing me to remember flashes of my dreams, then it's still more than I'd been able to accomplish previously. Not bad for a beginner, I hope. I'm not at the point where I can declare that I've achieved gnosis, but I know it's there if I work at it.