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The events of the past weekend have made me feel that I've reached a level that I've been striving to achieve with myself, in terms of personal satisfaction. I am no longer an inexperienced cook: I am a cook. (Still a beginning cook, but a cook nonetheless.) I feel great personal satisfaction when I achieve something with my cooking, and this appears to be happening on a regular basis. I'm not fooling myself into believing I'm a superior cook, but I'm satisfied with my progress so far and I'm proud to say that I am a cook. And I believe I have reached the point where I will declare myself a magician: I practice cooking magic. As I've said before, cooking is my magic, and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I receive from it is my gnosis. "Spell casting" is another form of ritualized prayer, and that is what I do when I cook – essentially, I'm praying to myself, and the answer to my prayer (spell) is seen in the results of my cooking: good food.

Speaking of which…thanks to an Amazon gift certificate from my brother for Xmas, I've just acquired a cast iron pizza pan! More ritualzed prayer will be coming soon, and the result of this will be some oven baked pizza. :)