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As I'd mentioned previously, I practice cooking magic. I seem to have developed this compulsion to feed people, and I had been planning on indulging in this by cooking up a storm at the Arisia con this weekend. Yesterday afternoon I began designing a sigil to post on the door to my hotel room – I was planning on casting a spell on everyone who glanced at my door. :) The intent behind my sigil was, "you will enter this room and you will be fed." However, despite numerous attempts, I could not come up with a sigil that felt "right," one that satisfied me. This morning, I called the hotel and was informed that convention guests are specifically prohibited from cooking in their rooms. This has dashed my plans to cook at the con. It's enough to make a magically-inclined person think that the inability to come up with a satisfactory sigil yesterday was connected to this – the magic was not manifesting because I would not have been able to achieve my intention. In spite of this, I still hope to have fun at the con, and I'm still planning one event in which I get to feed people (without doing any cooking): a Saturday morning cartoon breakfast.

What to do at the con, other than cook? I suppose I could be like everyone else, follow the schedule, attend the panels, and hang out. That's what I'll likely end up doing, though in addition I hope to see some familiar faces…or even better, meet new people.

One thing I've gotten an idea of doing is bringing the cast iron pan I'd purchased, especially to paint as a design for the new logo of the Cast Iron Chaos Web site. That would make a decent project, I think: after I'm unpacked and settling in, I'll start painting it over in my hotel room tomorrow, and hopefully have the additional layers finished and dried out by Saturday. Then, I'll lay my onyx ring in the center of the pan and attempt a cleansing. I've always liked that ring, and it was a special present given to me back in my old life. I don't need to get rid of everything that connects me to the past – last year Morgan said to me, simply, "keep your pretty things" – but it would be a good practice to attempt to "cleanse" the ring, purify it, and wear it as a new magical object. (Since Arisia always has a sizable pagan contingent, I might be able to find a person or group who could aid me in this.)