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Back from New York and the storm is over. Now it's time to get back to cooking – just in time for Halloween! Last year Trick-or-Treating was "postponed" due to the blizzard we had two days before, and I missed it. This year it looks close, but they're talking "chance of showers" during the day and "mostly cloudy" at night, so we should be able to make it this year. This is something I've been wanting to do since last year. Everyone just gives out packaged candy to the kids, but I want to cook. I live on the third floor of an apartment building (with a locked front door), so no one is going to come up to my door for Trick-or-Treating. Therefore, my plan is: dress up in costume, go outside to a street corner near my apartment building (in a neighborhood full of kids), and set up a table with three cast iron pots. The potjie pot is full of chocolate cobbler, and it looks like a "witch's cauldron." The smaller pot (actually, it's a Lodge deep skillet chicken fryer) has chocolate sauce, and I'll be scooping out chocolate cobbler and chocolate sauce into cups with vanilla ice cream for the kids. If the parents don't want their kids taking ice cream from a stranger, the big Lodge dutch oven is full of toys, and the kids will get one each from there. While it's good, of course, for parents to make sure their kids are safe taking candy from strangers on Halloween, I personally think the urban legend of "razor blades in apples" is overrated, and parents should let their kids have some chocolate and ice cream because I'll be right there with them. This is different from the usual Trick-or-Treating, and I hope to have fun tomorrow night.