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I'm slowly working towards creating my own Alphabet of Desire. Not having a lot of artisitic talent, it seems to take a long time to come up with the desired symbols and assign the proper meaning to them. I'm using the Runes as a starting point, then adding and changing them where I feel it's correct to do so. Austin Spare's Alphabet of Desire was based on a hexagram with six points, and obviously I'm aiming for an octogram to match the eight points of the star of Chaos. If you've done something like this, what are the meanings you assigned to each point? In a yin-yang opposing-poles fashion – and based on the emotions I most often experience in my life – my points seem to be: Love/Hate, Pleasure/Pain, Wisdom/Ignorance, and Want/Fulfillment. (Laughter falls under pleasure, loneliness under hate, the blind faith I often encounter goes under ignorance.)