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December 25, 2012, 4:10 AM. I just wrote the following message to a young lady, whom I'd chatted with last night: "Good morning. I wanted to tell you that I just dreamed about you…no, not THAT way. :P I had a dream and you were in it - a science fiction kind of dream. This was unusual because I never remember my dreams – and I mean NEVER. For my entire life, I've always forgotten my dreams almost instantly upon waking up. I've always been envious and jealous of people who have vivid dreams they can describe in detail.

"Actually, compared to the dreams others have, this one was somewhat disappointing…because it was short, and it ended just as it was getting interesting. As I said, it was a science fiction kind of dream where I was in a big corporate office kind of building full of futuristic equipment, and you were there. The machines were beginning to come to life, and I remember that I was trying to protect you…but then I woke up as we were in danger. That's usually what happens when I have a nightmare, though I can't say this was a nightmare. I'm not upset or scared by this – just amused that I remember the dream at all. And I hope you don't mind the fact that you were in it. :)"

To the two or three people who might actually be reading this – no, I'm not covering up any pornographic details of that dream.

I think it's time to open presents.