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Every time I plan a vacation trip, I get the idea of doing one of these stupid projects that require me to run to the ends of the earth. I'd mentioned that I'm going to Anthrocon in July; and on the message board for the con, I casually mentioned the idea of throwing a "chocolate party." Those words have been going through my head, and now I'm thinking, why not throw a chocolate party in my hotel room? First of all, a trip to the Necco outlet store north of Boston should provide a few pounds of high-quality chocolate candies at a reasonably low cost; I'd just need to pack them in a cooler and bring them along. But now, an idea popped into my head, and of course I'm wondering if this could be made into reality. What if I put together a pot of molten chocolate, and provided a big bowl of cut up fruit, plus sticks for them to dip the fruit in chocolate? The fruit would not be a problem, neither would be the sticks (wooden skewers are a buck for a pack of 50). But, the melted chocolate? Either, I could get one of those chocolate fountain thingies – which look nice, but they're made of cheap breakable plastic, and I don't want to clutter my apartment with a single-use toy like that. OR…here it comes…I could put together a setup with my cast iron for melting chocolate. (You knew this was coming, didn't you?) I could bring my induction stovetop (to provide a fireless heating source), the round potjie pot, and a smaller (stainless steel) pot to fit inside the potjie. I'd boil water in the pot, and use that to melt the chocolate in the smaller pot. This would give me an excuse to set up my potjie, which does look cool. And here I go again, planning another dumb project. This happens every time. Someone shoot me.