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As an outside observer (since I have no intention of converting to Islam), I’ve been fascinated by the mystery and tradition of the Hajj, the Muslim holy pilgrimage to Mecca. There’s a rich history behind this annual ritual, and a great attraction to it because of the way it makes all of the pilgrims equal – rich or poor, regardless of nationality. Or rather, that’s how it used to be. Within the space of a mere ten years, the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia has transformed the holy city of Mecca into the world’s largest, most expensive, and probably gaudiest luxury resort and shopping mall. Pilgrims aren’t going on the Hajj anymore; they’re taking a vacation trip to Kaaba Land, the Holiest (instead of Happiest) Place On Earth ™. So when crowds in Iran shout “Death to America” these days, they’re ignoring their own hypocrisy of how they allowed their own culture to be subverted and destroyed by modern-day greed and commercialism. See also: