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Natural News

If any news story out there is related to "environmental" news, or especially "independent and anti-corporate environmental" news, it's likely to show up at this news site. As the name suggests, Natural News focuses on news stories that emphasize stories about the environment, agriculture, health, and alternative medicines – including alternative therapies that exist on the fringe areas of science. If there's a general theme to the stories published here, it may best be summarized as "Nature good, industry bad." Any news story that makes Big Pharma, the professional health care industry, giant corporations like Wal-Mart, or the pharmaceutical industry look bad is certain to get prominent coverage here. Unfortunately, that also includes news stories put out by conspiracy theorists, scams, and shysters – many of whom are pushing their ideas that Big Pharma is out to poison the world and drug your minds. While there's an element of truth to this, it doesn't help Natural News when they publish news stories that push long-running conspiracy theories, such as…

Natural News articles appear regularly in RSS news feeds, including such popular "alternative" news sources as the Care2 News Network. While a number of the stories they publish are worth reading, you should certainly take them with a grain of salt – especially if they urge you to throw away your own medications and live on herbs and hemp instead.