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Information Warfare

The subject of privacy, censorship, freedom of speech, and other undesirable activities has always been a controversial one. With the advent of the Internet, this topic has taken a high priority in the agenda of the Powers That Be, and the large corporations and government agencies that are their tools. The Net has the capability to distribute vast amounts of data to the four corners of the earth, in so short a time that information can reach untold thousands of people before it can be stopped by those who don't want the masses to see this information.

And they don't like that.

The growing popularity of the Internet has resulted in an increase in the number of stories that speak of the so-called "dangers" of unlimited free speech. These dangers usually come (according to the mass media) in the form of "pedophiles and child molesters" and "hackers and cyber-terrorists." But anyone who takes a close look at these issues finds that the subject is never as black-and-white as They would like you to believe. If we timidly give up our freedom to say whatever we want to say, in the global medium of the Internet, we may well find that we soon won't be allowed to say anything at all.

This is why They are doing their best to keep track of you. Especially when you are on the Internet, they want to know who you are, what you are looking at, and what you are saying. This will let them know whether or not you are a threat. And on the Internet, it is child's play to gather information about nearly anyone.

Don't believe what we're saying? Try this on for size:

These are some useful tools that you can use in your unending battle for privacy! These utilities will allow you to send stuff over the Net to your friends (and enemies, if you wish), using special encryption that will ensure that NO ONE except you and your friends know what you're sending.

PC Security

Protecting your PC

The Internet has always been a dangerous place, but here in the 21st century it's become downright treacherous. You can't go anywhere online these days without some form of protection. Spam, pop-ups, spyware, viruses, and the occasional whacked-out flamer…not to mention snoopers from Hollywood coming to see if you're downloading anything ILLEGAL. If you have a high-speed Net connection, you're especially vulnerable to attacks from all sides. It's now necessary for anyone with a Net connection to have a working firewall, spam filter, virus scan, pop-up blocker, two spyware detectors, and other utilities to let you cover your tracks and let you move around online without THEM knowing where you are at all times.

George Orwell was an optimist.

File Wiping Utilities

BCWipe (BestCrypt Wipe Utility)

An easy-to-use data-erasing program for Windows 95. This allows you to erase files on your hard drive without using the Recycle Bin, using a more secure method that makes it impossible to recover deleted data.

DOS Wipe Utilities

My favorite file-wiping software is a tiny, ancient DOS program!

Evidence Eliminator

Here's a piece of junkware you don't want to use.

Privacy and Encryption

The Anonymizer

Anonymous Remailers

Chilling Effects

An ever-growing database of legal threats and censorship attempts against the Internet.

Cookie Central


A freeware program that allows you to create (small) encrypted disk, and copy files in and out of them.


Fun offensive email addresses that keep your true identity a secret.


A free email service that provides encrypted private email access for anyone in the world.

Mixmaster Remailers

[1] Non-Ordered Text Server, Gurrillaware / Anti-fascism network software

Palladium FAQ

Pretty Good Privacy
and International PGP Home Page


Anonymous disposable email addresses you can use once, then throw away.

Reliable 1.0 Anonymous remailer for Windows

ScramDisk - Free Disk Encryption Software

Steganography Archive

Useful utilities to hide your private date inside innocent-looking picture and sound files.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation's project to increase online privacy and anonymity.

And now, after all of this Ranting about the need for security, privacy, and anonymity on the Net, it's time to look at the other side of the coin and examine the necessity of being able to track down someone on the Net who doesn't want to be found. Why? Because there are a vast number of idiots, weenies, dupes, troublemakers, and outright criminals and lawbreakers who get a kick out of using and abusing the Internet for their own personal benefit…to rip people off, trick them out of their money, flood Usenet newsgroups with spam and junk messages, and mailbomb people who have the audacity to say things that just might offend others. This is one of the qualities of free speech online…but They would prefer us all to just shut up, buy things, and not dare to take action to expose THEIR wrongdoings.

Fortunately, there are several exceptional sources of information on the Net on fighting Them in this manner. Now YOU don't have to bite your tongue and vent your anger in futility. You can STRIKE BACK against the spammers, scam artists, and idiots who don't care about the damage they are causing on the Internet!

Get That Spammer!

IP Lookup

A simple, powerful, and free IP address tracker.

Moan My IP

Determine the IP address of your own Internet connection…and have it recited to you by a sexy woman's voice. Geek porn!

Spam Hater for Windows

Web Poison

An ingenious and simple utility to tram spammer email address harvesting bots!

Wikipedia Scanner

Learn who's been secretly editing Wikipedia without wanting you to know they've been there.