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UFOS and Other Nonsense

It's amazing how many self-described doctors, professors, former military personnel, and politicians are working to expose the Great UFO Cover-up! Based on the number of books and papers being produced by UFOlogists, the amount of secret, suppressed UFO evidence (or as it's usually called, shocking evidence) waiting to be uncovered is simply staggering! And yet, all we ever see of these UFOs are the same old tired stuff: Films and videos taken in "shaky cam" of obscure blobs moving across the sky; interviews with "abductees;" and statements from serious-sounding "experts" who solemnly proclaim the UFOs are here. You'd think that this unending effort to uncover The Hidden Truth About UFOs would have revealed SOMETHING more tangible by now…

I'm not saying that aliens don't exist. What I'm saying is that we have not been visited by UFOs time and time again, over the course of our history. This Universe is so vast, it's hard to imagine that we are the only ones here…and I sincerely hope we're not the only ones. Hell, I want to get abducted by a UFO! I want to see the wonders of the Universe, and I want to be reassured that there is indeed someone else out there.

The Black Vault

Selflessly investigating the Great Government Secret UFO Coverup!

Cosmic People of Light Powers

A UFO/Xtian Movement based out of the Czech Republic.. Mind bending visuals, UFOs, Conspiracies and Jesus.

David Icke

The Conspiracy is actually run by evil reptiles from outer space! The Visitors Are Our Friends!

ET Corn Gods

Extraterrestrials have revealed a hidden language secretly encoded in…the English language. (Yes, you read that right.)

India Daily

A daily newspaper in India that prints regular positive stories about UFOs.

Prophet Yahweh

He summons UFOs and spaceships on command!

The Raelian Movement

The fools responsible for the Clonaid cloning hoax.

The Roswell Incident

Of course we know it was actually a weather balloon that crashed in 1947…right?!?

Saucer Smear

One of the better original publication series that took a minimal amount of scientific inquiry into the arena of flying saucer investigations.

Texe Marrs: Inteligence Examiner

A popular conspiracy theorist who loves to tie in UFOS, the Illuminati, and Biblical prediction.

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock

Will midnight ever arrive?

UFO How-To

How to build your own real UFO. Build your own ship!

UFOs, Aliens and Antichrist

What is the real relationship between the Face on Mars and the Great Pyramid of Giza?

UFOs and Their Ranks

Those UFO sightings aren't really extraterrestrials…they're angels.

Unarius Academy of Science

The goofiest UFO cult in existence. The "serious" UFO nuts hate these guys!

Universal Zulu Nation

A UFO-friendly independent "free nation" that encourages independence from national law, as well as communion with the Space Brothers.