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Other So-Called Mainstream Religious Stuff



Like others frightened by the way religion is still the primary force for terror in this world, I've been watching this so-called "war on terrorism" with a jaundiced eye. In the space of only a few short years, the United States has managed to take a true disaster and turn it into a political issue that allows Da Gub-mint to go charging around the world, doing whatever it wants and spending unlimited amounts of money on it, and chalking it all up to the so-called "war on terrorism." Meanwhile, terrorism continues unabated in Indonesia, in Israel and Palestine, in central Africa, in Russia, in India…and all we can do is say "The world is safer now that So-Darn Hinsane is gone!" And as I watched this, it occurred to me that we really don't know very much about this "enemy," about these terrorists, and about the religion (Islam) that they use as an excuse to murder innocent people.

The a-Rab

A zine put together by Muslims in the USA, dedicated to opposing anti-Muslim hatred.


Islam has its closed-door cult groups, too, just like Christianity.

Al-Islam: Islamic Website

A basic introduction to the tenets of Islam.

Faith Freedom

A Web site maintained by ex-Muslims who portray Islam as a religion of hate (however, their arguments are stronger than most Christian sites).

The Holy Quran

The Quran online, available for download and easy reference.

The Hajj

A look into the Muslim Pilgrimage to Makkah.

Islamic Creationism

Creationist whackos abound in Islam as well as Christianity.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: The Master of Qawwali

One of the greatest voices in world music! (The vocalist behind The Last Temptation of Christ.)

Allah u Akbar

Islamic conspiracy theories galore.

Radio Islam

The Jews are behind it all…and these guys really mean it when they say they're behind everything!


"There are thousands of them trolling the Usenet - many more out there in the real world. Many of them have made a Usenet 'career' out of virulent hatred of Israel. They are usually American or English. Many of them habitually troll Jewish newsgoups such as soc.culture.israel.
"They claim to be 'anti-Zionists' or 'anti-Israeli'. They stridently maintain that their best friends are Jews and that they don't hate Jews - only Israel.
"They claim their desire for the destruction of Israel (or as Doc Martian said in a 2004 post, the firebombing of Israel) is only motivated by political concerns for the oppression of the Palestinian people. They couch their hatred as 'humanitarian' concerns.
"Yes, Israel has treated the Palestinians very badly, and many times seems to be intent on becoming what they hate.
"But why ONLY Israel? Aren't other governments guilty of the same - or worse crimes - the genocidal or near-genocidal treatment of minorities?
"Brazil has forcibly relocated huge portions of the native population of the Amazon Basin, either to 'camps' or into the festering garbage heap that is Rio de Janeiro. Native women have been forcibly sterilized. No one knows how many have been killed.
"I don't think I've ever come across an anti-Brazilian on the Usenet and I've never seen a word about the devastion of the native population from these humanitarian-minded 'anti-Zionists'.
"The French have been slowly NUKING the Micronesians out of existence. Only Greenpeace seems to have noticed that. The genocidal war between the Hutus and the Tutsi didn't seem to concern the 'anti-Zionists' much.
"The U.S. has the Native Americans. Britain has the Irish. The Australians have the Aborigines. Where are the anti-Australian trolls?
"Then there are the Big Boys - China and the Soviet Union. Nazi Germany was a piker compared to these masters of killing. A conservative estimate would put their combined body count in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in the last century - many of them national or ethnic minorities.
"Almost every nation on this planet has committed atrocity after atrocity against minorities within their national borders.
"But there is a deafening silence on all of this from the 'anti-Israeli' crowd.
"So, again, why only Israel? What singles Israel out for these trolls' hatred? What's so different about Israel?
* Polite anti-Semite is a phrase from High Weirdness by Mail - on the same subject."
– posted to alt.slack by Reverend SODDI, August 24, 2008. Rev. Ivan Stang's reply: "Jew-hating and racism in general are apparently a great comfort to drunks on welfare." [1]

My argument against the existence of a Jewish Conspiracy is as follows: If "Da Jooz" really DID rule the world, then we would all be spending a week in December celebrating Hanukkah rather than Christmas. But we don't, therefore there isn't. QED.

However, what I really want to know is: If there is a Jewish plot, then how do I get in on it? I've got too many bills, a so-so job, a car that needs fixing, and dreams of power. I'm ready to sell out! Whisk me away to Israel, prick my finger, and initiate me into those secret cabalistic rites! If it means I get to run the behind-the-scenes action of a city or two, then I'm up for it. It sounds like FUN!

Anglicans for Israel

A political lobbying group based in England that works to counter anti-Israeli hype and attacks in the media.

Jewish Defense League

Narrow-minded pro-Israel zealots who oppose narrow-minded anti-Israel zealots.

Judeo-Christian View

A call for Jewish rabbis and Christian priests to work together, to end the barrier between Church and State in the United States.

Kabbalah Centre

Celebrity cults are all the fashion these days, aren't they?

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

You can't have a weirdness page without mentioning this load of crap.

Talk Warrior Internet Radio

Live from Mt. Sinai (Massachusetts, not Israel): an Internet talk radio show that battles evil Satanic conspiracies.


The Zionist Occupational Government is behind it all! Really! They all tell us it's true, so it must be true!