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Cookie Central

One of the most talk-about methods of information gathering for web browsers is the use of cookies – the files stored in your Web browser that keep track of your browsing habits, and are used by marketers (and other organizations) to get an idea of where you like to go on the Net. Privacy-conscious individuals may feel offended (justifiably) when they realize that they are being tracked in such a manner. This Web site gives an excellent explanation of what cookies are, and how they are used for both good and bad.

[NOTE from Modemac: Are you disturbed by cookies that give information about your system when you browse Web pages? Here's a simple suggestion: Set your cookies file to read-only! Do a search on your hard drive for every file entitled cookie*.*, then set each of those cookies folders to read-only. This will allow you to browse Web sites at your leisure, and no new cookies will be placed onto your system.]