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Human Highway


I got this movie because DEVO stars in it, and well, I knew it was supposed to be one of the worst movies ever made, but I thought it'd be an enjoyable bad. It was, for the first.. oh, 20? 30? minutes? But then, like when I subjected people to watch my television show for 3 hours or so, the laughter turned to horror when my roommate and I realised IT WASN'T GOING TO END. The tape box says it's 83 minutes long. I say it's more like fifty hours. This is fuckin' DEEP HURTING here. Afterwards, I actually had a dull headache.

I can't find the rating for it in the IMDB, but I seem to recall it being rated R (at least the original cut was, I think the version I watched was an unrated director's cut or something, since it was missing a line from the We're All DEVO video), and well, if it was, it was out of SHEER BADNESS, as the only offensive thing, other than the quality or lack there of, was Mark saying "fuck" once, and I know that doesn't warrant an R. Maybe the weird Milk Bath sequence that my roomate only figured out after staring at it for a while trying to figure out just what the fuck was happening.

For those who are curious, here is the plot outline, best as I can figure. There are some spoilers in here, but for a movie like this, the eternal question must be asked: DOES IT FUCKING matter?!

I think I got everything, but I may have left some stuff out. But it doesn't really matter.

At least it was educational. These are the things I learned from Human Highway:

Amusing things: The owl hiding, as it was the only thing with the good sense to know that this movie would ruin his career. Of course, the wooden Indian wanted to hide too, but being made of wood, it just had to sit there and take the various and sundry "Kaw-Liga" jokes we made about it.

Oddly enough, as bad as this was – it's sort of an intriguing bad, and I'd actually really like to see Neil Young's newest movie, Greendale. But, then again, I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment.