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Talk about Robin Artisson

Yeah, this guy's a real winner. He tries to call himself a traditional witch, a druid, a helenistic pagan, and many other things. The one name he leaves out on his sites and in his many other names is "aka: FAKE". I've studied this fellow and found that his work has more big holes than a brick of swiss cheese. Not to mention the way he treats women. The first dedication to his newest book was not his wife and child, but another woman I suspect him to be having an affair with. If anybody reads this message, I encourage you to go and give a review of his book on amazon RIGHT NOW. If we can drive his book sales down enough, maby he'll realize he's a fake. Ever since I got on the scene, his group son_of_art has gone down by about a hundred members. Not shure If I'm actually doing that good of a job, or if it's just because they're all joining the buxen witchring group. I know for a fact that I've turned a number of potential buyers away from his books, but I just don't feel as if I'm doing enough… little help here people. I try to show other groups how to make his spies leave his site, but unfortunately can't get people to listen for more than 2 seconds. Well, the guy shouldn't have talked to my wife like that, cause he just succeeded in making me angry.

– treefrogas2000 2006-04-17 06:06

I've known him personally. His real name is Anthony Michael Palazzo, he's in his 30s, and he currently resides in Monroe, Louisiana. Last I heard, he was unemployed and spent all his time on the Internet causing flame-wars and aggrandizing himself, all while his wife worked to feed them and pay the rent. He masquerades as an expert on nearly every "alternative" religious tradition known to man, but he is not and has never been formally associated with any reputable organization. All his information is gleaned from books, and he passes a great deal of his own disconnected thoughts off as holy gospel and historical fact. It is telling that he is not well thought of in any reputable circles, despite his constant name-dropping and claims to the contrary. Nor is he truly a published author. He self-publishes materials at his own expense and writes glowing reviews of them in the guise of his countless online aliases. He also creates such aliases to give the illusion that he has a horde of online supporters, when in fact the reverse is true.

He is fundamentally racist, even to the point of subscribing to 19th-Century notions to the effect that Northern Europeans are superior mentally, physically and spiritually to their Southern counterparts due to the colder climate. As such, he believes that the native religion of said people is intrinsically superior. Because of this, he despises his father's Sicilian heritage and chooses to identify as Anglo-American through his mother's side. He hates Jews with a viciousness that goes above and beyond simple disagreement with the policies of the state of Israel, and he readily makes disparaging remarks about Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, et al.

Most sinister of all, he is a ————— with multiple ——– complaints registered with the local —--. Judging by his behavior it appears that, while claiming to espouse an enlightened view of femininity, he nonetheless attempts to use his Internet persona to entice impressionable young girls to view him as as a spiritual guru and then take advantage of them. He also claims that he and his wife have an open relationship, so that his extra-marital ——- are perfectly harmless. Of course, he is prepared to unleash a torrent of hate and vitriol on any female with the audacity to turn him down, including using his many sock-puppet identities to endlessly harrass them online and spreading vicious rumors about them. In one case he even sent an email to a Katrina survivor who had previously turned him in for ——--, claiming that it was "karma" that she had lost all of her possessions in the flood and that it would have been better if she had been "swept out to sea" with them. This is straight from the mouth of this self-styled spiritually enlightened being!

My advice to anyone is to stay far away from this charlatan and anyone who has anything to do with him. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FEMALE! It bears remembering that online personas claiming to admire him are, 99 times out of 100, actually him in disguise. He doesn't have many friends in real life. A list of his known online aliases exists online and shouldn't be hard to find, although he never seems to get tired of making new ones. This sad little man is an example of how both the Internet and religion can be used in a harmful manner when in the wrong hands.

– Ariovistus 2006-09-13 18:26

Your comments are appreciated, but I had to blank several words to prevent this from being seen as slander.

– Modemac 2006-09-13 19:00

It would of course be tasteless to mention here the lulz-inducing entry on 'Son Of Art' at Encyclopedia Dramatica. One is advised that he has extended his mission to those pages through a variety of sockpuppets. Oh! the drama!

– Profit_MooHamHead 2006-09-15 06:54

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