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Liquid Sky

Liquid Sky - 1982
Directed by Slava Tsukerman

This trippy tale of New York New Wavers has all the properties of a true BadFilm; drugs, sex, music and aliens.

Meet Margret, a up-and-cumming fashion model who left her conservative boring life in Conneticut to break loose on the New York hipster scene. Along with her drug peddling evil bitch of a roomate, Adrian, they find themselves neck deep in the excesses of the big city. Little do they realize that their penthouse roof is the landing site of Aliens, bent on consuming the chemicals released in the human brain during orgasm. Drawn to heroin junkies the aliens soon find Margret to be the perfect delivery device of their own brain juice addiction. Watching from a neighboring rooftop, the tale's hero, Johann (a german scientist who has been following the craft and the strange deaths), tries to help Margret escape. Rape, Murder, and the lust to be totally free, drives Margret to get as much out of the visitors as they do her.

The visuals in this haze of bad hairdos and over-the-top 80's fashion are not be missed. According to studio, this flick only cost $500,000 to make and still packs em in to theaters.

The actress who plays Margret, Anne Carlisle, not only co-wrote the screenplay but also plays the role of Jimmy, a narcissitic pretty boy model who is hopelessly addicted to the Conpiracy's drugz.