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A Timeline of Birmingham Stove and Range

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This document is presented with permission from the original researchers, Dwayne Henson, Ton Penkava, and various members of the Wagner and Griswold Society. The above credits must be included with any and all copies of this document, including the original authors and sources.

Sources: Saunders Jones II, President of BS&R (1973-1984), Saunders Jones Jr., Hugh Rushing, VP Marketing BS&R/A&B (1977-1991), C. Moreman, Sales Manager BS&R.

This is the type of information archived at the Wagner and Griswold Society Forum (WaGS), member's side. Compiled by Dwayne Henson and Tom Penkava and others at WaGS.

Statement by Dwayne Henson, Wagner and Griswold Society: "When I posted this I knew it would end up in other places. I am considering doing some kind of pamphlet or such on BS&R and would hate for someone down the line to think I snatched this time line off the internet, So may I request the following. that if this is copied, by anybody, that it is only copied in its entirety. Including the heading, where it was originally posted, BS&R Cast Iron Cooking and More. Plus all the BS&R sources in their entirety as listed on the bottom including WaGS, Tom and I as compilers, that all that stays with this timeline. This is not just to toot my own horn, but IMO goes to Academic Honesty. I just shake my head whenever someone lists some internet site as a good source of BS&R material and as I read from that site it it includes direct quotes of phone interviews I conducted and recorded on WaGS, but that information is never sourced or credited as to where the writer obtained it. As recorders of the past, documentation matters and is important. We should always ask in our minds while reading anything, where did this writer/recorder get this information? And anyone that writes or records history should always document where the information came from." – posted to the Facebook group BS&R Cast Iron Cooking and More, June 25, 2015, 7:57 AM: [2]

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