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Aaronia, ( pronounced "Ah-row-nea" ) is a fictional empire in the Foreign Country series of novels by Aaron Butler. It is described as a "disjoined union of Kingdoms, Republic's, colonies, and fiefdoms that co-exist under a common Imperial banner." Its population is relatively small (36,000 inhabitants) but the land area is implied to be many hundreds of trillions of hectacres. Given its massive size, Aaronia cannot exist on a singular planet or body but is rather broken up with tracts dotted over Earth, much of Venus, and the moons of Jupiter, with much of its volume stretched into corridors of dead space that "can only really be used by Aaronians in their 'jumping manuvuers' and throwing calculations."

Aaronia has been ruled semi-continuously by the Tsar Aaronius LVI since his birth with the exception of The Republican Front which administered the country in the five years between the Abdication and the Restoration.


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