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Academy of Remote Viewing

As this site states: "You will soon be walking around in a permanent state of increased bilateral Theta or Delta brain waves alike a Zen or Yoga Master, in fearless joy because you will have mastered the superpowers of the Mind and be creating as-you-go your reality!"

Gosh, I've always walked around in a state of increased bilateral Theta brain waves! Don't you just love it when people make up important-sounding words to dress up the same old concepts, time and time again? (Sort of like calling a "used car sale" a "certified pre-owned vehicle savings event." ) Anyways, "remote viewing" is an updated version of the old "astral projection" thing, where you can allegedly project your "consciousness" to remote locations around the world and see things in distant places, allegedly thousands of miles away.

However, the Academy of Remote Viewing is also attempting to cash in on the popularity of the Matrix movies, by claiming their methods will free you from your own personal "Matrix!" For only $248.00 (US), they'll send you two videos consisting of both the Remote Influencing Thought and Reality, Out Of The Matrix Course and the Complete Remote Viewing Course! What a bargain!

Be sure to check out their page on Remote Viewing by the military, where they espouse conspiracy theories about military research into mental powers and remote viewing by both the United States and russia. Apparently there have indeed been efforts by the United States military to look into this area, but the official projects were finally ended in the mid-1990s.