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Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps

If you want some proof that the religion turns people STUPID, you don't have to look much further than here. Aggressive Christianity is well-known for its absurd pamphlets, tracts, and publications…which they will gladly mail to you at the slightest request. These guys will send out MOUNTAINS of crap, which you can use to show what it's like to blindly follow the call of so-called "Christianity" and accuse anything that differs slightly from it as the work of the Devil. These guys take their mission so seriously that they call themselves "Generals" and "Soldiers." Yes, you too can Join The Army That Sheds No Blood! Send away for the silly stuff being published here, and you too can read about Satanism being practiced in the Vatican! Beware of curses, spells, and witchcraft power! Discover if you are a Sex Slave, and (of course) see the horrors of abortion, the "ultimate child abuse!"

This group has also gone by the name "Free Love Ministries," though this is a far cry from the free love preached by 1960s acid heads and sex cults like the Children of God.

These folks don't like talking about the time they were sued in 1988 for $20 million by a former member of their group, Maura Schmierer. After they never bothered showing up in court, a default judgement of $1.2 million was awarded against the group. Rather than pay the judgement, they trashed their compound and moved to a different location north of San Francisco. Court representatives attempted to seize their property to pay off the judgement here, too; however, this apparently didn't put the group out of business. (Donna Kossy's wonderful book, Kooks, has more details of this.)

As of 2006, Aggressive Christianity is still engaging in its war against Satan, and still making its laughable crap available to all inquirers. There was an incident in 2005 that resulted in the group's leader, "General" Jim Green, being arrested on assault charges; but those charges were dismissed.