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Hinduism in India is seen as an honest, open society with reincarnation and meditation (and the infamous Indian caste system). But even Hinduism has its dark side, as you can find if you look into the Aghori – one of the few sects in the world to openly practice religious cannibalism. Cannibalism is illegal in India, but that hasn't stopped intrepid journalists from digging up "exposes" of the life and times of cannibals in India. (See: "An Amercan Cannibal Amongst the Aghori.")

(Interestingly, the "official" Aghori Web site doesn't make any references to cannibalism. You need to dig a little deeper to find the connection…but really not too deep.

A short film (only 10 minutes long) called Feeding on the Dead took a look at this sect, and it was convincing enough to be nominated for Best Documentary in the "Asian Festival of First Films." It's been making the rounds at independent film festivals, but I doubt it will be showing up at your local Blockhead Video at any time soon.