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Islam has a number of breakaway, extremist sects (Al-Qaeda being among the most famous). And like Christianity, some of those extremist sects gather together to form their own cults, complete with saviors who call themselves Prophets (even though Muhammad was supposed to be "the Last Prophet"). Al-Arqam is one example of this: founded in 1968 by Ashaari Muhammad, it was officially banned in Malaysia in 1994 and currently exists in Thailand and a few other locations. Ashaari's exact whereabouts are unknown, but his influence over the group is still felt. Each Al-Arqam group has its own portrait of Ashaari, which they worship in the belief that their sins will be transferred to Ashaari himself. (This is, of course, considered blasphemy in mainstream Islam.) The group also promises gifts of supernatural powers to those who follow the teachings of Ashaari Muhammad. A prayer taught to neophytes runs thus:

"Those who fight in this battle will receive the same power bestowed upon the Prophet by Allah. The pinnacle of this miracle is when you point a finger towards an aeroplane intending it to fall, and it will fall."

The Al-Arqam movement is still banned in Malaysia, and there have been warnings that any attempts to revive the sect will get the people involved into serious trouble with the government. This hasn't kept a number of devout followers from trying, however.

They do have one school in Sacramento California: Al-Arqam Islamic School. The school seems innocent enough; the Web site and links don't hint at the more radical beliefs of the Malaysian sect.