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Alessandra's Smile (defunct)

All I can say is, when I took a look at this web site, I had a strong urge to go over my browser's cache directory with a file-wiping program. So why provide a link to this site? Mostly because this is a Web site that I found more shocking than the white supremacist crap that we usually like to sit back and laugh at. This Web site is one of those "gray areas" on the ragged edge of free speech and free expression, where it's damn hard to swallow the excuses they use of "art" and "artistic photography" and "beautiful drawings," when it seems obvious (especially with some of the stuff on display there) that a fair amount of is designed to be as close to child pornography as is legally possible. The feds are trying to "crack down" on these guys, of course…maybe you've heard of the furor a couple of years ago when mega-bookstore Barnes & Noble faced protests and child pornography charges when they included a book for sale called The Age Of Innocence by David Hamilton.