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Allah u Akbar

However, in spite of the positive aspects of Islam that we’ve attempted to point out here, a basic fact must still be noted: as with all religions, the vast majority of Muslims are PINK. They’re still NORMAL people, and that means many of them are still assholes. For instance, one thing about Middle Eastern and Islamic culture that really stands out is the way these guys love conspiracy theories! If you think wacko conspiracies about The Evil Jews are solely the province of idiotic white supremacist American rednecks, then you’ve got to read some of the stuff here at Allah u Akbar. These guys look at the vast Jewish-American conspiracy to attack Islam, and they even have their own introduction to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And yet, they still condemn Islamic terrorism, suicide bombers, and so-called "jihad" – thus proving that you can be a decent human being who recognizes that terrorists are evil…but you can still be a dumbass!