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Anglicans for Israel

A political lobbying group based in England that is dedicated to defending the good name of Israel from those who would attack it in the media or other stages. These guys look for media incidennts involving Israel (and there are a lot of those), and offer up their own responses with press releases and other methods. The stated aims of the group include the statement, 6. To fight all libels against Israel and the Jewish people and their State. The fact that their links page includes Worldnet Daily among their friends makes me wonder how skeptical these folks are of their chosen allies.

However, these guys have subsequently revealed themselves to be among many groups that don't have a sense of humor, and who really hate it when people say things they don't like. Take the example of Bartholomew's Notes on Religion, which brought up the fact that Huw Shooter, a prominent member of the group, was apparently involved in some tomfoolery at a political convention in 1984 (the Conservative Party conference), and was subsequently fined £200 and ordered to pay £50 costs and £100 compensation for damaging a model submarine that was on display there. When Bartholomew brought up this little incident 22 years later, Anglicans for Israel promptly threatened to sue him for libel. This sounds like the type of incident that a well-standing activist would wear as a badge of honor…but these guys prefer it to be kept secret and buried. And now we've gone and blown their cover.

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