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Answers in Genesis

This is the biggest, most detailed, and the most notorious place to go on the Internet for those who want to know the truth behind Noah's Flood and the age of the Universe. Their basic premise is quite simple: It's true because the Bible says so. All of those hundreds and thousands of scientists around the world are wrong when they proclaim the Earth to be billions of years old! Scientific proof? Ha! All of those so-called "scientists" are actually working together in a massive, anti-religious conspiracy to keep young people from learning the truth about the origins of Man…which, of course, can only be found in the Bible.

Answers in Genesis (AiG) publishes a number of creationist magazines and books, and their "Answers" sections on the Web site tackles a number of heavy questions. For instance, they show that they're not racist, as the question "Is 'interracial' marriage biblical?' is answered with the statement, "According to the Bible, the priority in marriage is that a Christian should marry only a Christian." While they do defend questions about the reliability of creationism, the vast majority of their site is dedicated to "questioning" evolution and modern science – i.e. turning the subject away from themselves and onto their critics.

The biggest project of AiG since 2000 has been the construction of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, near the Greater Cincinnati International Airport. After opening its doors in ealy 2007, the Creation Museum has gone on to become one of the greatest monuments to human stupidity since General Patton laughed at fixed, immovable fortresses.