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Here are some sites founded to wage war on the greatest evil ever foisted on humans by other humans – circumcision! Yes, this ages-old practice is actually an inhuman torture that makes people less human…as well as spreading disease and causing shock, bleeding, and possible death to infants. Or rather, that's what the burgeoning legions anti-circumcision activists want you to believe. They've got a lot of medical and scientific evidence on their side to get their point across…but far too many of these anti-circumcision sites go overboard with religious and "ethical" arguments about how circumcision is simply WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. It's an emotional appeal that has a lot in common with the anti-abortion movement…and, in fact, is often supported by many of the same people.

The anti-circumcision crowd is also fortunate in the fact that there isn't much in the way of an organized "pro-circumcision" crowd. This allows them to co-opt domains with the word "circumcision," so that they can offer anti-circumcsion information under the pretense of being unbiased and fair – in the same way that pretends to offer "unbiased" information about abortion while trying to scare you into thinking "abortionists" are evil.

The sad part about many of these sites is the way they are obsessed with male circumcision. Despite their claims of being against all forms of circumcision, most of them offer a few token links to sites dedicated to opposing female circumcision (a genuine form of abuse and mutilation). Many of these sites can provide lots of information about why it's bad to shave a baby boy's penis, but barely mention the way female mutilation is actually similar to castration…it involves removing a girl's clitoris and reducing her ability to feel sexual pleasure at all. (See the Female Genital Cutting Education and Networking Project for more information about this.)