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Anton LaVey

The guy most responsible for the foundation of modern-day Satanism. What he did is took a lot of bits of different philosophies and threw them all together and made a religion out of it. Sound familiar?

Actually, there's one thing about LaVey that few people seem to acknowledge…the same thing that could be credited to Aleister Crowley himself. I don't even mean the Satan and "black magic" stuff. Rather, the thing to note is that LaVey was a first-rate wiseass who didn't take himself all too seriously. Remember, this was the guy who not only wrote the Satanic Bible – he also wrote the catechisms for the Cthulhu cultists, when they asked for his help in turning their H.P. Lovecraft fanboyism into a "real" religion! And what else can you say about a guy who decreed the religious regalia of the Church of Satan to be horned costumes of the type you'd normally see at a science fiction convention? Who often wore fake teeth or campy outfits during interviews with particularly gullible reporters? The guy had a sense of humor and sarcasm, and that more than anything else was what kept the Church of Satan going for all those years. (It's also what upset Michael Aquino – the fact that LaVey didn't take the whole religious aspect of Satanism as "seriously" as he liked.)

It's worth mentioning that Crowley was a wiseass himself – and like LaVey, many of his followers and critics didn't recognize this. "Bob" is not the only one that has to deal with bobbies!