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Army of God

It’s so typical of the American anti-abortion terrorists on the list to be the ones with the least creative name. The Army of God is a group which even the worst doctor murderers will not normally associate with. Usually what happens is that one of them will flip out and shoot or blow up a bunch of people, and the Army of God will step in and claim the perpetrator as one of their own.

When Eric Rudolph blew up an abortion clinic and a gay nightclub in 1997, it was the Army of God who sent handwritten letters voluntarily claiming responsibility. When Paul Hill murdered the abortion provider John Britton and 2 of his co-workers, the Army of God wrote up a statement calling that mass killing “morally justified.”

And some of the anti-abortion terrorists reach out to the Army of God on their own. Shelley Shannon who had tried to murder George Tiller in 1993 is one example. She is now serving a sentence for attempted murder and is projected to be released in November 2018. And in 2001, Clayton Waagner sent abortion providers over 500 letters containing white powder in the wake of the Anthrax scare that year. He had previously escaped from jail and robbed a bunch of banks, so he won’t be getting out until around 2046.

Michael Bray is unfortunately not currently in prison, but he also associates himself with the Army of God. If you haven’t seen this interview of him, it will sum up what he’s all about.

– From an article in the Buffalo Beast by Josh Bunting, January 21, 2011: [1]