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Asia Carrera

Okay, I'll come right out and admit that I've never seen Asia Carrera's movies. I'm not a big fan of hardcore porn, because so much of it is ridiculous, repetitive, boring, and anti-erotic to the point where I can barely watch it without wincing. But who cares what Asia Carrera's movies are like? Her web site is a great place to visit! She's got a butt-kicking attitude and a great sense of humor, which she displays proudly in this beautiful site. What's more, did all the writing and programming herself! She calls herself "the nerd of porn," because she's been bitten by the programming bug. When she's not starring in X-rated stuff, she's busy typing away at her keyboard and constantly updating her Web site. It's a look at the personal side of a performer in the industry who enjoys her work, and wants everyone to know it. The naked pics of Asia look nice, but if it's just nakedidity you want then you can go to any* newsgroup. It's her chutzpah and sheer sense of fun that makes this page worth looking at.