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Autism Conspiracy Theories

Q: How can you tell you're dealing with scaremongers who prefer conspiracy theories to honest and unbiased science?

A: They invoke the AUTISM demon.What this really is, of course, is an attempt to scare people using an Invisible Demon that no one really knows the origin of. What we do know, however, is that these conspiratards are using autistic persons as scapegoats, and suggesting it would be better for you to to be DEAD rather than turned into an autistic freak by Whatever Evil Enemy These Conspiratards Are Targeting.

Things That Cause Autism! Because Autism is the new leprosy: it's invisible, we can only see its effects, and it makes people behave behave differently and in a manner other than NORMAL. Therefore it is a monster we must be afraid of! That's why our Chosen Enemy causes autism: