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I really liked Avalon when it ran, but unfortunately, the cartoonist ended up abandoning it; it was a soap-opera type strip that was supposed to run for exactly 5 years. Unfortunately, this stretched out to about 6 or 7 through a lack of updating, and he finally realized he wasn't going to update it, so he just wrote up a synopsis of what was going to happen and posted that as a text file. 280 was the strip immediately after Avalon, but, unfortunately, he wasn't ready to go back to cartooning, and it died after some really really small number of strips. Avalon is by far the better of the two – and I think the reason why he lost interest with creating it is that the pacing is suited for a Graphic Novel, not a daily strip. So, when it was still updating, it could be maddening to read, but if you just went through the archives, it worked really, really well.