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Avatar, also known as "Son of Scientology."

If something can be shown to yield a lot of weath either legitimatly or criminally, Yeti Mutant nature dictates that others will climb aboard the band wagon and create spin-offs to partake of other Yeti Mutants' gullibility, stupidity, ignorance, greed, and superstitions.

One such spin off is Avatar, debunked and exposed via the web site offered in the above link.

As with all previously known Scientology spin-offs, the abuse of the court system to stiffle freedom of speech enacted to expose the scams, frauds, crimes and abuses, and enacted to innoculate an otherwise unwary populace is not unheard of with the Avatar spin-off.

The difference in abuse of the courts to try to keep the truth from the ears and eyes of the "WOG" populace appears to consist of one of degree only.

L. Ron Hubbard has been reported as informing a fellow science fiction writer that the best way to make a million bucks is to create a fake religion. Whether the statement is correctly and accurately attributed to Hubbard, the statement is undeniably true.