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Bad Astronomy

Phil Plait is a professor of astronomy who got mad as hell and wasn't going to take it anymore! He was tired of seeing misconceptions and myths about astronomy being spread far and wide in the public, to the point where scientifically accurate astronomy is rarely seen in popular culture. His Web site (and blog) is dedicated to debunking myths about astronomy, and especially to ripping apart the claims of Richard Hoagland and the "No Moon Landing" hoax.

Plait has also written a whole bunch of movie reviews that rip apart the lousy science and astronomy used in just about every popular movie ever made. It's a valiant effort on his part, but…gee, couldn't he have picked a more difficult target? While some movies certainly deserve to be trashed for many reasons (lousy science being one of them), what's the point of nitpicking the science used in a fantasy like the Star Wars movies?

Plait has even published a book entitled (what else?) Bad Astronomy, which highlights the best of his writings in defense of true science. Considering how popular junk science is these days, he certainly has his work cut out for him.