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Bad Psychics

Here's a skeptical blog specializing in video clips of so-called "psychics" who've been caught making mistakes. Everyone is human, and it's likely that every paranormal promoter has a moment hidden in the closet that proves the practitioner is only using sleight-of-hand and not so-called "psychic" abilities. Unfortunately for them, this is the age of the Internet: camera phones, blogs, YouTube, instant digital sound and video recordings, and other technological wonders have all but guaranteed that when something happens today, someone will be there to capture it and make it available for all the world to see. So when a "psychic" shyster slips up, the world will know about it…and this blog aims to be the place to go for people to see when it happens.

The Bad Psychics blog is collecting video clips of shysters, fakirs, televangelists, and known skeptics as well.