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Bang Rajan

Based on historical records, too.

During the Burmese invasion of Siam in the 1760s, the village of Bang Rajan lay directly between the invading Burmese forces and the Siamese capitol of Ayutthaya. The inhabitants of Bang Rajan fought off 8 attempted Burmese attacks in 3 years despite being overwhelmingly ounumbered and out-weaponed.

This is basically a kick-ass BATTLE movie. Lots of bloody swordplay and big crowd battles, some good head-loppings and leg-hackings. There are quieter parts of the film in which the characters are briefly introduced and interactions are established, but it's all a set-up for lots of gory mayhem.

Visually, it's so high contrast and sculptural that it's not too different from 300.

AND these little fuckers don't need their muscles painted on digitally. Wiry little goomers.

Surprisingly good acting from the principles.

I've been seeing some pretty good Thai movies recently and have been really taken by the historical films like Sema - The Hero of Ayutthaya and The Legend of Suryothai. I think they're building a real film industry there.

Bad points:

This is actually "Oliver Stone Presents Bang Rajan"… even though he had nothing to do with the production. So ignore his name.

When they shoot day-for-night (which is a lot) they use such heavy blue filters it literally hurts my eyes. Haven't these little fuckers ever heard of Dogme 95?

– Review by SODDI