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Bareback Exchange is for deranged people who are "turned on" by: (a) intentionally becoming infected with HIV/AIDS, or (b) intentionally infecting others with HIV/AIDS. This loathsome activity is referred to as "bug chasing" or "gift giving." asks their forum members: "What Turns You On About Bug Chasing/Gift Giving?" to see the DISTURBING answers. Among other things on the site, there are "conversion stories" written by members who have allowed themselves to become infected with AIDS on purpose (read "Turkey" where a dude boasts of seeding an HIV negative guy with his "poison jizz"). One super sick fuck writes:

"I honestly can't say what the turn-on was, but I do remember that it was some of the best sex I ever had, when my breeder was pumping me full of his toxic load. He'd refrained from jacking off for almost a full week so he'd have the biggest, most toxic load possible. His VL was well over a million, and when he was dumping it in my hole, I was overjoyed. We even took extra measures to make sure it would take. And sure enough, 3 weeks later, I converted. He doesn't really speak to me now (I think he feels guilty), but that's okay, he did what I wanted him to, and now I'm happily living with the virus in me."

NOTE: It is a FELONY CRIME to knowingly infect another with HIV/AIDS without disclosing your HIV/AIDS status. People who do so can be charged with criminal transmission of HIV, murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, or assault. See Wikipedia: Criminal Transmission of HIV.

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