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Barnes and Barnes

Barnes and Barnes are Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy. They're both a record producing team (who have done records for Wild Man Fischer and Crispin Hellion Glover) as well as well-known musicians, known mainly for their song "Fish Heads" from the album Voobaha.

The first two albums (Voobaha and Spazchow) featured "Spuzzle Percussion", a really awesome, hand-made percussion stew made of a Linn drum, hand-played percussion on both standard percussion instruments and whatever items they could find, and loads of effects like reverb. After that, they had a much more pop sound, and attempted sometimes to break into mainstream pop success, but their novelty reputation trailed them and they couldn't really shake it. (They were slated to have an album on CBS records, but after a 5 song EP, CBS sat on the masters for the album and it's only recently (like, um, last week) been released after 20 years. At first it was thought the masters for the album were lost, but it turned out it was only the masters for the released Soak It Up EP. This album, Kodovoner (a/k/a Code of Honor) was intended to be a full-on pop record; Amazing Adult Fantasy was split on the A and B sides as one side pop and the other Novelty, and their album after that, Sicks, was all novelty. (Though their last album to date, Loozanteen mixed the two styles throughout the record, leaning towards the novelty side; unfortunately, in 1988, they recorded an unreleased album for Rhino that was again all serious music, but Rhino refused to release it, and this untitled album continues to be unreleased, although some tracks were put on the best-of Yeah., including the song "Tunnel Walker", a really sadly beautiful song about loneliness and alienation.)

Barnes and Barnes, under their real names, have written music for television shows, children's albums and have played with bands like America.

Barnes and Barnes are awesome.