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Baseballia is a large totalitarian nation which borders several COMON nations. Despite its name, Baseballia has nothing to do with the sport of Baseball. In fact, all sports are banned. Arts, literature, and music (with the exception of the reign of Hass John II) are all forbidden. The possession of paper is a capital crime and building any form of shelter is seen as treason.

Baseballia's population is forbidden to speak or think. Although, it is not known how this is enforced.
Under Hass John I subjects were only allowed to breath 45 out of every 60 seconds.

Baseballia's billions (perhaps trillions) of inhabitants are seen as despotically enslaved. It is known, though, that the further West one travels in the county, the more gruesome the torture and depravity becomes.


The depostism in Baseballia prior to Hass John II was experienced by all sectors of society. There was no real classes in the country, aside from the pseudo-military establishment which possessed no rank - but only a blind devotion to Hass John I. This arrangement in HJ2's 3rd year as leader (when he was 7 years old):

"It is said that Hass John II was walking along the northern shore of Travis Lake with a large contingent subordinates when he saw an Aaronian row boat off in the distance. He ordered his entourage to not move, so he could hear what the Aaronians were singing (a tradition of Vespoli-Aaronians ). After hearing "A Great Woodland is Aaronia"*, HJ2 waved frantically for the Aaronians to approach, but they, seeing him, rowed away. It is speculated that this percieved rebuff inspired Hass John II's hatred of adults. In any case, HJ2 began, in earnest, the vast musical restructuring of society." - Mattropolan Digest

*Performance of "A Great Woodland is Aaronia" in Baseballian., shortly before Hass John II's suicide: