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Be bold

The influence of Wikipedia upon Cast Iron Chaos is certainly obvious – any wiki listing these days is likely to steal from and imitate that fine online encyclopedia. It has already been stated that we do not follow Wikipedia's so-called "neutral point of view." We are biased, and we are proud to be biased.

However, there is one concept from Wikipedia that applies equally to any and all of the listings on this Web site:

BE BOLD with your edits.

This Web site is continually under construction, and none of the listings here can be considered "finished" and "unchangeable." You are free to add to the content of all of the pages here (except for the locked pages). You can edit the existing text, re-format the pages, create your own pages, add your own subjects, and edit the text written by other users of this Web site. You are free to do pretty much anything you want, as long as you follow the cardinal rule of this site.