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Bible Literacy Project

This non-profit group is dedicated to introducing the Bible into schools and the public education system. However, unlike most of the other groups trying to get into school curricula in order to teach Creationism and other topics to further a religious agenda, the Bible Literacy Project works to treat the subject of the Bible in a fair, accurate, and even-handed manner. While Intelligent Design is being kicked out of schools (and deservedly so), these folks have worked with spokespersons from various religious groups to produce something close to an honest and neutral school textbook about the Bible. The name of this book is The Bible and Its Influence.

For proof that these guys are on the right track, take a look at the ones who are opposed to them. For instance, here's a piece by Agape Press, the mouthpiece of the American Family Association, that warns the BLP is seeking to blend together "all religions" instead of working with the One True Religion (namely, their own).