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Holy Communion, Batman! Move over, Professor X! It's time now for The Adventures of Bibleman – the Christian superhero sent to bring the Word (or whatever) to the kiddie video shelves of a Wal-mart near YOU! Watch his incredible adventures: "Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear," "Six Lies of the Fibbler," "Silencing the Gossip Queen," and "Conquering the Wrath of Rage!"

Gosh, I guess Bibleman will protect our kids from the evil Schoolyard Drug Pusher, the heathen Dr. Atheist, and Dirty Uncle Albert the Pedophile. Won't he?

And if that's not enough, in 2007 the character was updated for the new era of Wii and PlayStation. Get ready for Bibleman - the video game!

The really amazing part is that the creator of Bibleman, Willie Aames, is an actor who starred in a number of raunchy 1980s softcore comedies and "dramas," including a Blue Lagoon rip-off called Paradise. I remember Paradise…It was one of the first movies I saw on late-night cable (not too long after we got it) that made me realize the movies on there showed NAKED PEOPLE. And not only did this movie have NAKED PEOPLE, but the naked girl in it was none other than Phoebe Cates, the babe who took off her top in Fast Times At Ridgemont High!

Damn, that guy got to have on-camera simulated sex with Phoebe Cates, and he STILL grew up to become Bibleman?