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Bill T. Miller


An ORGY of noise, sex, music, and SLACK. Bill T. Miller, the leader of this SubGenius Doktor Band, got a taste of what's going to happen on X-day when, a few years ago, he was suddenly abducted by a UFO and forced to participate in a massive SexHurt Orgy with an alien nympho groat-eating Succubus! Fortunately, Bill is a professional music producer…He regurgitated two albums that tell the story of exactly what happened to him in that frightful time. Check out his home page! It's loaded with DOZENS of .WAV sounds and .GIF files from Kings of Feedback and Out of Band Experience, so that you can sample their Anti-Music before ordering their CD (only $10 USA!). _Bill T. Miller is the KING OF SLACK!_ Also, give the OBE phone number a call – 1-617-LICK-OBE – and leave Bill a WEIRD MESSAGE. You never know WHAT will happen when you give the number a try…

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