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Blessed Hope Communications

These guys use an interesting selling point to get a step up on the competition. Not only are they better than AT&T and MCI, they state…they're also in the right because God hates AT&T! Furthermore, MCI is "company that supports things like homosexuality, abortion, and the ACLU." (It says so right here on this page.) Oh no, not the ACLU! I guess I'd better burn my ACLU membership card now!

An even better example of how the competition is going to Hell can be seen at the Christian's Guide to Long Distance, which Blessed Hope Communications provides as a service to us all. And what a surprise…these guys really have it in for those Godless homosexuals! According to their Web site, AT&T "has been a top sponsor of pro-homosexual television programming." Sprint "Donated over $135,000 to organizations like the National Center for Lesbian Rights." And MCI "Offers special incentives to gay business owners."