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Bob Larson

One of our favorite televangelists, Bob Larson has been preaching against the evils of Satan, cults, and rock music since the 1970s. He's published a number of books aboout these subjects, but he really hit his stride in the 1980s when he began a radio ministry called Talk Back. Bob made a name for himself doing on-the-air exorcisms, and gleefully taking part in the hysteria over "Satanic ritual abuse" that reached its peak in the mid-1980s.

For a long time, a number of Bob's fans and detractors hosted a Web site called the Bob Larson Fan Club, which kept track of all of his foibles and deeds of derring-do (such as his purchase of an expensive mansion, and the subsequent sale of the home after news of the purchase was leaked to the public). This critical Web site became defunct some time after Talk Back went off the air.

However, Bob returned to the airwaves in 2004 with a new edition of the Talk Back radio show, and as of 2007 he is still pulling off his act on the air, preaching against that mean ol' Satan and still taking part in the lucrative field of exorcisms.

Ol' Bob is quite aware of the Church of the SubGenius, as a number of SubGenii called up his show to have "conversations" with him during the first era of Talk Back. He even hosted Rev. Ivan Stang on one episode and had an on-air conversation with him; Stang came away from that meeting convinced that Bob believes in demons just as much as he does. Recently (May 2006) he passed flatulent verdict upon the Reverend Magdalen child custody case, and did so as you might expect: if you can't be bothered to listen to what he has to say, the upshot is that we are all satanic, blah blah, the poor kid, Mags by being part of this group is clearly unfit to be a mother. Nice guy, huh?

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