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Book Happy

Donna Kossy is one of the world's leading experts in the ever-more-relevant field of crackpotology: the study of kooks and weirdoes. With the way this world is getting crazier and more Pink every day, it seems as if the kooks are crawling out of the woodwork. Miss Kossy's Web site is an extension of her printed book, Kooks (available at most major bookstores or from Feral House, the publisher), and it is a STUNNING sight to behold! From the funny to the benevolent to the downright weird to the dangerous, she gives us a caring look at the outer fringers of belief. Remember, folks: being a kook means STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD and not being ashamed to do so. Is that such a bad thing?

Donna made a name for herself with the publication of the book Kooks, compiled from her old zine of the same name. She's gotten tired of collecting kook stuff (well, not entirely), and she's turned her focus in a new direction. Now she specializes in collecting and selling weird and bizarre books. She's an Ebay regular, and you can find a lot of her stuff there. All I can say is: If you haven't seen this stuff, then YOUR LIFE IS INCOMPLETE and it always will be until you get the merest sample of the weird shit she's found! The stuff available in her zine BOGGLES the mind, putting most of the material in her Kooks book to utter shame and making me wonder just what it takes for people to become so dedicated to a weird subject, that they have to spend the time producing this stuff…and getting it published! I'm not talking cheap typed or handwritten pamphlets here…I'm talking BOOKS.

Here's a sample that doesn't even scratch the surface: